viernes, enero 12, 2007

Your way

My university

Yeah, I have a very subjective side. Look at this photo in the way you want. That was my intention. Floor of the campus
Soundtrack: "En el muelle de San Blas" - Maná
Sí, tengo un lado muy subjetivo. Miren esta foto de la manera que ustedes gusten. Ésa fue mi intención. Piso del campus.

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voyager dijo...

Buena mi estimado Irredento

y ya sabes....keep bloging mate!

photowannabe dijo...

An American saying says Step on a crack, break your Mother's back. Not a very pleasant thought, but every kid says it as they walk down the sidewalk.
Nice closeup in black and white of that crack

Olivier dijo...

cela pourrait etre une superbe photo pour montrer l'effet de serre sur le monde. Superbe photo b&w, j'adore ta composition

that could be a superb photograph to show the effect of greenhouse on the world. Superb photograph b&w, I adore your composition

ruth dijo...

I think of a couple of things. Issues that divide us in our university (usually between the administration and the professors). And things that are falling apart that don't have funding.

It's a nice, fresh perspective, this photo.

Ben dijo...

Hi there,
I'm not sure what I can see on this image. But... somehow... It just grab me a while.

Great quality, BTW.

GiuCe dijo...

ESTA ES UNA DE MIS FAVORITAS...!!! creo q tu serie del piso de la universidad es genial amis!

Meg in Nelson dijo...

I LOVE this. It's fantastic.

Curly dijo...

As a thought provoker, it works very well.

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