viernes, septiembre 29, 2006

Trujillo and its Youth



In this shot you are not looking at these students, they are looking at you. I got this image at the Private University Cesar Vallejo. Do you know who was Cesar Vallejo?

Soundtrack: "A la primera persona" - Alejandro Sanz (yes, again, I love this song)

En esta foto tú no los estás mirando a ellos, ellos te están mirando a ti. Yo obtuve esta imagen en la Universidad Privada César Vallejo. Saben quién fue César Vallejo?

jueves, septiembre 28, 2006

Day Light

The coat of arms


The lights in the day have a different brightness, they could be yellow but daylight turns them white and brighter than they are, the atmosphere around them is foggy and shy. At the bottom you can see the coat of arms of my city, it has hispanic influence. The lion with eagle head and the crown are heritage of spanish conquer. I think it's time to include elements of our pre hispanic cultures.
Soundtrack: "Lost" - Roger Sanchez

miércoles, septiembre 27, 2006

Down Stairs

When you are up there

I don't like high places, I think It'¡s because I dislike economical and political power. This stairs aren't so wide, so if you are a little heavy or fat you won't be able to go up by these stairs. Perhaps for that reason stairs are dangerous for people fat of power, because the wheight of their ego breaks the upper plattform.
Soundtrack: (...the silence...)
No me gustan los lugares altos, soy acrofóbico, pienso que es porque no me gusta el poder económico ni político. Estas escaleras no son muy anchas, así que si eres un poco pesado o gordo no serás capaz de subir por aquí. Quizás por esa razón las escaleras son peligrosas para la gente gorda de poder, porke el peso de su ego rompe la plataforma superior.

martes, septiembre 26, 2006

Just in case



My only war is the fight I do to get love. My guns are simple hugs, my defense is my heart, my objective to defeat is your pain with missils of tenderness. I believe in a war, the war of nice feelings. Why is more difficult saying I love you in these times? Will anytime the armies of every country dissapear? I think I am waiting for something that will never arrive.

Soundtrack: "Radio Flaixbac of Barcelona"

Mi única guerra es la lucha ke hago por conseguir amor. Mis balas son simples abrazos, mi defensa es mi corazón, mi objetivo a derrotar es tu dolor, con misiles de ternura. Yo creo en la guerra, la guerra de sentimientos lindos. Porqué es más difícil decir "te amo" en estos tiempos? Alguna vez desaparecerán los ejércitos de todos los países? Creo que estoy esperando por algo que nunca llegará.

lunes, septiembre 25, 2006

Behind all

The Teeth of History


Today is a special day, my favorite singer Alejandro Sanz (Spain) launches a new single, but as you can guess, Internet had the song before so I have it since last saturday, but of course I will buy the album. I wanna share the song with you, the letter has much feeling. Sanz left me a big lesson, he says: You can do the things good or bad, but you have to do the things with feeling, there is the truth of your acts. The photo was taken from the hole of a sculpture. Sculptures photos are coming soon!!

Soundtrack: "A la primera persona" - Alejandro Sanz

Hoy es un día especial, mi cantante favorito Alejandro Sanz (España) lanza un nuevo single, pero como pueden adivinar, Internet tenía la canción antes, así que la tengo desde el pasado sábado, pero por supuesto que compraré el álbum. Yo quiero compartir la canción con ustedes, la letra tiene mucho sentimiento. Sanz me dejó una gran lección, él dice: Tú puedes hacer las cosas bien o mal, pero tienes que hacer las cosas con sentimiento, allí está la verdad de tus actos. La foto fue tomada desde el hoyo de una escultura. Fotos de esculturas vienen pronto !!

domingo, septiembre 24, 2006

People wants

Sunny day in Huanchaco


Some people that visit my blog always ask me for more photos of Huanchaco Beach. This beach is loved for foreign and national tourists. A lot of people have houses there, and in summer Huanchaco is the center of attention. You will see surf tournaments, sand sculpture championships, delicious food and interesting people. Wow, I seem like a tourist guide, sorry, but I like this place.

Soundtrack: "Smoke" - Natalie Imbruglia

Algunas personas que visitan mi blog siempre me preguntan por fotos de la playa Huanchaco. Esta playa es adorada por turistas nacionales y extranjeros. Mucha gente tiene casas allá, y en verano Huanchaco es el centro de atención. Tu verás torneos de surf, campeonatos de escultura sobre arena, comida deliciosa y gente interesante. Wow, parezco un guía turístico, lo siento, pero adoro este lugar.

sábado, septiembre 23, 2006

Colors of party

Love the city?


Some of the things I don't like of some people is the absent respect they have for our streets, Streets belong to us, this town is our house, the walls are property of all the citizens, but some publish their concerts of music in this way. When I started this blog, I have tried to show a true view of my city, and this is one of the few things I dislike of my people.

Soundtrack: "Energy Club House" - Amplified Radio

viernes, septiembre 22, 2006

Colonial Balcony

In dark red


In Trujillo the car traffic has increased so much, and you can't see quietly some beautiful houses like this. This piece of architecture is in good conditions because a bank bought it and preserve it. Other houses belong to simple people or to the state but they are so damaged. I wanted to photograph this house with the cars running and avoiding the view to understand the value of calmness and silence.

Soundtrack: "Que me alcance la vida" - Sin Bandera

jueves, septiembre 21, 2006

Trujillo Daily Photo in Expo

Trujillo, a peruvian voice


Last tuesday, the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos - UNMSM ( ) , the most important university of Perú and the oldest of South América, organized an event of blogs Presentation. I had the opportunity to participate and present Trujillo Daily Photo, member of the community of City Daily Photo. The presentation was by webcam and audio using Skype because I live in Trujillo and the audience was in the campus which is in Lima. It was an interesting experience and people liked the idea of traveling around the world by internet, our community gives them that possibility. You can check more information about this event at:

Soundtrack: "Thank you" - Simply Red

miércoles, septiembre 20, 2006

The Parade

Three Dances


In this image you can find three typical clothes, the girl is wearing one from the coast, and the other two are from the Andes. The girl typical clothes are for a dance called Vals, derivated of austriac Waltz, it's a coaster dance. The devil of the left is the main dancer of Diablada, a very popular dance of Puno. And the guy of the right is wearing typical clothes of a dance called Huaylarsh. Huaylarsh is a beautiful and funny dance, it has a lot of movement and it's from Huancayo.

Soundtrack: Illapu - Música Andina

martes, septiembre 19, 2006


The routine

Some students have finished their classes and they leave school. When I was in elementary school I was relatively shy. Everyweek I bought a magazine of Transformers, my favorite tv show in those times, and I read all the cartoon while I was walking home. I remember that all the trip from the school to my house lasted 18 minutes and when I arrived I had finished the reading. The magazine appeared in the malls every friday.
Soundtrack: "Always" - Bon Jovi

lunes, septiembre 18, 2006

Mute music

Brown sounds

In my blog Videos de Trujillo ( ) you can find this image in movement. What called my attention is the good playing of roles of the woman and the man. He was so concentrated playing the flute and she had a calm attitude and suddenly she started to dance. This andean couple gives joy on one of the main streets in my city.
Soundtrack: "The Jaime Bayly TV Show"

domingo, septiembre 17, 2006

An unprepared pic

National Soccer Team

ganimedes2 010

The Sub-23 National Soccer Team trained in the Mansiche Stadium of my city.Their participation was not very good. In Perú the most popular sport is soccer, you can find people playing soccer everywhere and everytime, but when our national team plays continental tournaments they do pretty bad.
Soundtrack: "Don't dream it's over" - Crowded House

viernes, septiembre 15, 2006

Moved night

Friday is a small saturday


It was moved night, so moved that I tink I was moved during the shot of this image. Whatever, these nights are so soft, the air is fresh and with a jacket it's enough to defeat cold night. You can see the buses of public transportation and the cars parked as they wanted, diagonal or straight. The person that knows driving in Perú, can drive in any part of the world.

Soundtrack: "yo (excuse me miss)" - Chris Brown

miércoles, septiembre 13, 2006

The expo of Thursday

Two ceilings


It was thursday and the people was waiting for the launch of a new magazine of a private univesity. Some girls with so small skirts were giving sweets to everybody. What is funny is the fact that in Trujillo you find the same people in all the cultural expositions, only some of them think that culture and art are a monopoly for a small group. Democracy is giving art to everywhere and take it to everycorner of our city.

Soundtrack: "I'm every woman" - Chaka Khan

martes, septiembre 12, 2006

Love is always young

The couple


So often I take photos to all those things that don't have mouth. Stupidly I try to give them voice through my pics and we can see what they express. But sometimes I see images that show me abstract feelings become reality. This lovely couple made me have the warm hope of endless love.

Soundtrack: "Konstantine" - Something Corporate

lunes, septiembre 11, 2006

If I were the sea

The magic blue

Today I imagined how would be my life if I were the sea. And I am sure the entire world would live in constant craving because I am so anxious. I will cause tsunamies so often but my heart (which would be so deep) would always be warm. But I am sure that I would never let that anybody dies in my blue skin.

Soundtrack: "Move your body" -Nina Sky

sábado, septiembre 09, 2006

The Old Port

In a slept sea

In this place I felt so calm. The birds are the owners of the coast and people that works in Salaverry Port are common guests. I have always said that natural places in my country are beautiful to visit, but not for living. I was about 4 hours in this port but it was enough to understand that sometimes grey colour is not always sad.

Soundtrack: "Yeah" - Usher

viernes, septiembre 08, 2006

Trujillo Daily Photo in the Newspaper

The Article


Trujillo Daily Photo was recommended in two news papers: El Comercio and La Industria, and in a web . El Comercio is the most important newspaper of Perú and La Industria the main nespaper of my city. I've tried to spread Trujillo DP and the community of course, and some media have published my blog. I hope they continue doing it because our community of cities daily photo is a fresh and interesting experience. In the photo is the article referred to blogs and the recommendation of La Industria last wednesday 6 Sept.

jueves, septiembre 07, 2006

The Rainbow

Always Urban Always


When I see these photos, when I see my environment, my surrounding life, I understand I always be an urban person, but an urban man that misses Natura, for that reason I caught that rainbow in the photo. This street is near to mine, and the furthest bulding with the green tank on the top is the beer company of my city. Peruvian men like beer too much, nobody can say the contrary. I am only a socially drinker.

Soundtrack: "Ni un día más" - Jerau

martes, septiembre 05, 2006

Avoiding the chaos

Time to stop


It's winter, cars are too noisy and people is really hurry, but if you try to stop a moment and see those details that are in front of us, you will find pieces of history. This street is called Jirón Bolívar and a river of yellow taxis always run by. Trujillo has almost all the commercial places in downtown... and the stress too.

Soundtrack: "Come close to me" - Common and Mary J. Blige

lunes, septiembre 04, 2006

Chan Chan

The city of mud


Wallpaper? Mudwall? This wall is a small part of Chan Chan, the biggest mud city in the world. As it is in the coast, people from Chimú culture used water and sand to build their cities. They liked to express their activities in the different walls of their communities. Here you can see a sculpture in mud. The tridimensional lines symbolize the sea and fishes are in it. In other drawings is shown the activity of fishing.

Soundtrack: "Resucitar" - Gianmarco

domingo, septiembre 03, 2006

Closed window

In red

Today I have a terrible headache. But here I am uploading a pic of my city. Something I do with pleasure. This kind of color is very ussual in old big houses of mi city. You can find the difference between the dark red of the house and the red of the flag of my country.
Soundtrack: "Buddha Bar" - DJ Garnier

sábado, septiembre 02, 2006

Rock at school

The concert


One of the energies that moves the world is rock & roll. Here people like all kind of music, but all of them can't avoid the love for rock. Rock in spanish or rock in english, the force is the same. Personally I can say that music of Queen changed my life. This shot is from a concert in a private high school. I took this photo in a relative abstract and try to get the essence of rock: The energy of movement.

Soundtrack: "Smile" - Lilly Allen

viernes, septiembre 01, 2006


In Main Square


In front of main square you can find this huge doorway. Now it belongs to a company, but the style and elegance belongs to Trujillo. Next to it you can see part of a balcony and a lamp. It has a classic atmosphere. I like my city. It will be so difficult to leave.

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