martes, septiembre 19, 2006


The routine

Some students have finished their classes and they leave school. When I was in elementary school I was relatively shy. Everyweek I bought a magazine of Transformers, my favorite tv show in those times, and I read all the cartoon while I was walking home. I remember that all the trip from the school to my house lasted 18 minutes and when I arrived I had finished the reading. The magazine appeared in the malls every friday.
Soundtrack: "Always" - Bon Jovi

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Mauricio dijo...


Buenos tiempos, muy buenos.....

Un abrazo

phlegmfatale dijo...

Wow - fantastic blog - it's great to see a slice of your life! Lovely photos. I feel like I've had a little trip to Peru now!

John dijo...

How times change.. when we had people at school asking for volunteer helpers, no one would put their hand up, now every child does. Nice shot.

Meg Nakagawa dijo...

Nice story! Lovely.