viernes, septiembre 15, 2006

Moved night

Friday is a small saturday


It was moved night, so moved that I tink I was moved during the shot of this image. Whatever, these nights are so soft, the air is fresh and with a jacket it's enough to defeat cold night. You can see the buses of public transportation and the cars parked as they wanted, diagonal or straight. The person that knows driving in Perú, can drive in any part of the world.

Soundtrack: "yo (excuse me miss)" - Chris Brown

6 comentarios:

Faye Pekas dijo...

I love the lighting here. Also the reflections and the movement of the busses.

Sounds like it might be a challenge learning to drive and park in Peru :)

Taylor de la Cruz dijo...

Amigo Válery hemos colocado un vínculo en nuestro portal. tus fotografías merecen ser vistas por más público

Taylor de la Cruz dijo...

La página es

J. Andrew Lockhart dijo...

wonderful photo!

Kate dijo...

There is a calmness about the subject that makes a great foto.

Kate dijo...

Ah, mi amigo de Peru, muchas gracias por notas en mi blog. Aprendo español y muy dificil para mi. Tengo mucho errors pero quiero aprender. Hola de santo paulo. ¡Chao!