sábado, septiembre 09, 2006

The Old Port

In a slept sea

In this place I felt so calm. The birds are the owners of the coast and people that works in Salaverry Port are common guests. I have always said that natural places in my country are beautiful to visit, but not for living. I was about 4 hours in this port but it was enough to understand that sometimes grey colour is not always sad.

Soundtrack: "Yeah" - Usher

3 comentarios:

Cristina dijo...

I find too much gray to be a little sad myself. But I see you have a great love for the ocean! Yes, water has such a calming effect. And thanks for the sweet complement on my blog.

Jing dijo...

hey,Greetings from Jing from shanghai. :d
I like the photos you took.:)

phlegmfatale dijo...

Ask anyone in the concrete industry, and they will say gray is the color of money!