lunes, septiembre 04, 2006

Chan Chan

The city of mud


Wallpaper? Mudwall? This wall is a small part of Chan Chan, the biggest mud city in the world. As it is in the coast, people from Chimú culture used water and sand to build their cities. They liked to express their activities in the different walls of their communities. Here you can see a sculpture in mud. The tridimensional lines symbolize the sea and fishes are in it. In other drawings is shown the activity of fishing.

Soundtrack: "Resucitar" - Gianmarco

3 comentarios:

Cristina dijo...

Very interesting--and I like the geometry.

Richard dijo...

Interesting. I would have assumed the largest mud city in the world to be somewhere in the middle east (probably Iraq) - at least historically.

John dijo...

I like it, I could imagine that behind a nice water feature. Thanks.