lunes, septiembre 18, 2006

Mute music

Brown sounds

In my blog Videos de Trujillo ( ) you can find this image in movement. What called my attention is the good playing of roles of the woman and the man. He was so concentrated playing the flute and she had a calm attitude and suddenly she started to dance. This andean couple gives joy on one of the main streets in my city.
Soundtrack: "The Jaime Bayly TV Show"

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Jing dijo...

why ur photos are so big as we use the same templete??

Meg Nakagawa dijo...

Loved your video site! This video was lovely, and on some others, I can can hear what I think is your voice, and that gives your blog a far more personal feel - your photos and descriptions have really come alive to me. Thank you so much!

Y.T.M dijo...

yo conozco al flautista..


santy dijo...

wow, they look like sculptures! very nice pic :)

phlegmfatale dijo...

I think the music of the Andes is one of the greatest cultural treasures of your country - when I hear the pipes play at festivals here, it always lifts my spirit and makes me think of grandiose, majestic mountains and gentle, beautiful people.

jeremy dijo...

they dance on "inkas beats" apu sessions

Arte Urbano dijo...

esta imagen es parte del trabajo del colectivo arte urbano, venimos haciendo teatro en espacios alterntivos por mas de dos años, puede saber mas de nostros en esta direccion:

PD: se agradeceria mencionar quienes somos la proxima vez. gracias:)