jueves, septiembre 21, 2006

Trujillo Daily Photo in Expo

Trujillo, a peruvian voice


Last tuesday, the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos - UNMSM ( http://www.unmsm.edu.pe/ ) , the most important university of Perú and the oldest of South América, organized an event of blogs Presentation. I had the opportunity to participate and present Trujillo Daily Photo, member of the community of City Daily Photo. The presentation was by webcam and audio using Skype because I live in Trujillo and the audience was in the campus which is in Lima. It was an interesting experience and people liked the idea of traveling around the world by internet, our community gives them that possibility. You can check more information about this event at: http://sanmarcosaldia.blogspot.com

Soundtrack: "Thank you" - Simply Red

6 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

sounds great things!! :D
our world is becoming smaller...:)

Meg Nakagawa dijo...

How fantastic is THAT! Congratulations. Too bad we can't see the Skype, but congrats anyway!

photo-effe dijo...

fantastic shot man!

Mimmu dijo...

Greetings from Finland!
I have used Skype from the beginning(Swedish young men created it ) and I have spoken by it from Finland to Washington with my cousin there. Good thing!
It`s fine to see in your good blog so different world than this my country.

Cristina dijo...

Congratulations!!! Meg made a note of this on Nelson DP. What an exciting event!

Zsolt72 dijo...

Congratulation! Your DP site is really wonderful you deserved this publicity.