miércoles, septiembre 13, 2006

The expo of Thursday

Two ceilings


It was thursday and the people was waiting for the launch of a new magazine of a private univesity. Some girls with so small skirts were giving sweets to everybody. What is funny is the fact that in Trujillo you find the same people in all the cultural expositions, only some of them think that culture and art are a monopoly for a small group. Democracy is giving art to everywhere and take it to everycorner of our city.

Soundtrack: "I'm every woman" - Chaka Khan

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santy dijo...

Ooh, you forgot to show us the girls wearing those small skirts! :) hey, love your yesterday's post.

christo_c_99@yahoo.com dijo...

Hi there. I m so happy to see daily pictures of my beloved city "Trujillo". I m usua;;y promoting our city around the world . I love Trujillo and La Libertad and of course that includes Peru and the Whole Southamerica. I usually check wikipedia for information about cities aroun the world and doing some research I found your website wich allows me to show my friends here in San Francisco how beautiful our city is. I m also a true supporter of my "Griffins" I mean our Mannucci and how important it is for our city. ...pretty much all the cities aroud the world have one team : from Dundee in Scotland to Kinsasha in Congo... check this website and perhaps you could open up the mind of other people around the world.

I think the quality of pics there doesnt reflect every single aspect of our city. Please keep in touch:)

Jing dijo...

i like that shining lamp....

phlegmfatale dijo...

Art is too important to leave to the professionals!