miércoles, septiembre 20, 2006

The Parade

Three Dances


In this image you can find three typical clothes, the girl is wearing one from the coast, and the other two are from the Andes. The girl typical clothes are for a dance called Vals, derivated of austriac Waltz, it's a coaster dance. The devil of the left is the main dancer of Diablada, a very popular dance of Puno. And the guy of the right is wearing typical clothes of a dance called Huaylarsh. Huaylarsh is a beautiful and funny dance, it has a lot of movement and it's from Huancayo.

Soundtrack: Illapu - Música Andina

4 comentarios:

Kate dijo...

Love the apparel! I recognize the dance because I did some research on Peru for a Spanish course I took last year. Still learning the language and am not making much progress, unfortunately. Your people are so beautiful!!

Ryan of OC Photos dijo...

I love the colors! The traditions in your country seem fun. Someday I will visit.

photo-effe dijo...

great folk photo

i colori sono bellissimi


Richard dijo...

That is much more typical of the beautiful women I know in Peru.