sábado, septiembre 02, 2006

Rock at school

The concert


One of the energies that moves the world is rock & roll. Here people like all kind of music, but all of them can't avoid the love for rock. Rock in spanish or rock in english, the force is the same. Personally I can say that music of Queen changed my life. This shot is from a concert in a private high school. I took this photo in a relative abstract and try to get the essence of rock: The energy of movement.

Soundtrack: "Smile" - Lilly Allen

3 comentarios:

Cristina dijo...

My son plays drums--I'm sure he wishes he could be playing in that band right now!

Anne dijo...

I used to like rock and roll when I was younger, now not very much anymore...i think it comes with age ;)

Neorelix dijo...

I like it - reminds me of Kerrang!