miércoles, agosto 30, 2006

A french gift

Statue of Liberty


In the times of independence of Perú from the spanish dominion my city received a gift. France sent this statue of liberty. This gift has about two centuries and a strange kind of fungus attacked it, you can see a lot of small holes on the surface. Some artists said that this piece of art must be taken off, and put a big fountain of water, or any other live kind of art.

Soundtrack: "Easy lover" - Phil Collins

martes, agosto 29, 2006


A Classical Night

In the rooms of this big house are hidden a lot of secrets. Do you know César Vallejo? Here is a room dedicated to him. His books were translated to several languages. Vallejo was a sad man, but with a huge hope under his skin. He died in Paris, next to his wife and his poverty but far from his family.
Soundtrack: "You are beautiful" - James Blunt

lunes, agosto 28, 2006

Maju Mantilla

Most beautiful woman of the world

She is María Julia (Maju) Mantilla, Miss World 2004, I don't believe much in this kind of contests , but it was incredible to know that "the most beautiful woman of the world" is from my city. She studied in the same university than me and I remember that I used to walk near her classroom and she was pretty, but now she has more glamour. María Julia is a kind and lovely woman, her fame never changed. I took this pic in a fashion parade for the web I worked in that time.

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domingo, agosto 27, 2006

In a shadow

Winter with sun

Because in Trujillo you can fin sun every day of the year. You can find peace in the beaches. My favourite beach, Huanchaco, has terrific colours in sunset. I am in Lima now, but I had some pice in my web. I am not a professional photographer, not yet. Thanx for your comments, you make me try to catch good images and share with you.

Soundtrack: "Nube Gris" - Cholo Soy, Peruvian Waltz Chillout

viernes, agosto 25, 2006

The Urban Dance

A lonely walk


I don't think Trujillo has become in a very big city, I hope it doesn't happen because sometimes big cities have cold soul. In big cities loneliness is not difficult to find. This woman crossing the road caused a tender feeling. The world moves around her. You can see buses, taxis, people moving and moving like an urban dance.

Soundtrack: "Promiscuous Girl" - Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland

jueves, agosto 24, 2006

Yellow continues

Movement and lights


Drivers of yellow taxis dont't like some rules of traffic, but most of them respect them. This image is in a main avenue of a suburban zone of Trujillo called Primavera. I took it from the taxi, some good shots were gotten from taxis. I like yellow colour, perhaps because the sun has this colour.

Soundtrack: "El loco de la calle" - El último de la fila

miércoles, agosto 23, 2006

On the road

Stones and cars


This is one of the few roads of stone that you can find in my city. What is really funny is that this road lasts a lot of years more than modern roads. The new things are nicer but not better, aren't they? Also you can view a street of downtown and typical yellow taxis.

Soundtrack: "We belong together" - Mariah Carey

martes, agosto 22, 2006


In the campus

In the campus I learnt how to solve problems of communication, because my career is journalism. In the campus I learnt how to have public relations and how take a photograph. In the campus I learnt to expose a theory. But what I liked most is that I learnt a new way of life. I learnt to take care of my friends, I learnt that men and women are so different but so similar too.

domingo, agosto 20, 2006

Lights of the city

Enjoy lights... by the moment


I took this photo from what was my classroom at the university. At the end of each day you can see the lights of some poor areas of my city which are located in the hills around Trujillo. The night helps to hide some not very beautiful areas. I like those lights, but the nearest building would block the view. The fresh men that will study in my ex classroom will lose a good view and will see monotonous cement.
Soundtrack: "Twisted Logic" - Coldplay

sábado, agosto 19, 2006

From the Andes to the city

Andean Dance


Some students dance andean dances, they represent the thousands of countrymen and women. This shot was done o the independence day parade, some of their dances are sad and others are joyful. Each dance has a story and you get surprised when you know why they dance in that way, or why they use those clothes, or what they want to express with their dances.

Soundtrack: "Andean Divinities - Apuyaya" - Miki Gonzalez : Album Inkaterra

viernes, agosto 18, 2006

The Anti-pirates Wall

Protecting Trujillo (centuries ago)

muralla cortada

lado derecho de muralla

This wall was built to protect Trujillo from the attack of pirates. Now you only can find two pieces of this large structure. This wall had circular shape, now that shape is an street called Spain Avenue. Inside this circle is downtown with commercial areas, a lot of historic monuments and architectonic pieces.

Soundtrack: "A min lof " - Miky González : Album "Etnotronics"

miércoles, agosto 16, 2006

The Moche Eye

Looking at you

Yeah, I hope you can look for "moche culture" at google, you will find interesting places, some teachers say that Moche is now a nation. It is too small but there is a kind of life unique. The food is really delicious and the race of people has an ancient origin, moches were conquered by the Incas. This a very small lake, it has the shape of an eye. I thought I was looking at it, but then I realized that it was looking at me.

martes, agosto 15, 2006

A-cross the sunset

A Daily Scene


Perhaps because I am listening "Shoot the moon" of Norah Jones or perhaps just because by the strenght of this image, nostalgia comes to me. This big cross is next to my University, each time I arrived to my classes in the bus, this cross always looked at me. The university gave me the best moments I have ever had, there I knew girls, friends, pain, happiness, two careers (one incomplete and one totally finished) and the knowledge that to be a good person, university is not always necessary.

lunes, agosto 14, 2006

The Forbidden Photo

Yes, it happens

The instant I was focusing this scene with my camera, a man passed by my side and told me not to take this pic. He was angry. There I understood that some people don't want to open their eyes to reality, or perhaps it makes them feel bad and they feel affected their bubble of happiness. Then I saw the pic, and the eyes of the child caught me and told me that I chose the right decission.

domingo, agosto 13, 2006

Small Big

Mini Colonial Porch

This mini balcony is really beautiful, it's a wonderful miniature of a colonial porche. I asked the owner of this small piece of art for a shot, he gently accepted. One of the virtues of people from Trujillo is the kindness with foreign people. I would like to have a small porch at home.

I have just launched my new blog with videos of Trujillo. You can find it in my links or clicking here: http://videosdetrujillo.blogspot.com/

viernes, agosto 11, 2006

La Marinera

Typical Dance of Perú

During the 3 hours that traffic is closed in downtown, you can find a lot of live statues. This couple, painted of silver, dance Marinera, one of the hundreds dances that exist in Perú. Here you can find dances from the coast, the Andes and jungle region. Soon you will see this dance in my section of videos of Trujillo.

Colours and textures

In the Andes

These llamas live in the high lands of my country, in the puna or cordillera located on 4000 meters of the level of the sea. This is a kind of picture that you can hang up on the wall. I like the colours of this picture made of fabric. Those animals are representative of the Andes, my favourite are the llamas and the condor, but you can also can see sheeps and donkeys.

jueves, agosto 10, 2006

Urban light

Natural and human

Only a few times the sky of Trujillo is light blue or blue, mostly it's white or grey white. But that afternoon I had gone to see urban shapes, car lights and people, but the sun kept this gift for me. Tomorrow I will upload the pic of the city down this light.

martes, agosto 08, 2006

Building yesterday

Bricks and iron

Trujillo is in a relatively quiet zone. We have suffered earthquakes, the worst was in 1970, since then it has been quiet. For that reason, houses and buildings are made to fight against seism. When I was in Spain I got surprised by the thinness of walls and floors, that kind of structures are impossible here.

lunes, agosto 07, 2006

Hip Hop Here

Dancers in Main Square

Saturdays and sundays are the days chosen by these boys to go to to the Main Square. They dance and show their singular skills while hip hop and rap sounds.

domingo, agosto 06, 2006

Devotion in the streets

An apostle on shoulders

I found a procession in downtown Trujillo. A lot of people were following Apostle James.For this event some streets were closed. The Catholic religion is very strong in my country. I don't believe in religions. I believe in God and I respect the devotion of the people. Black and white shot for this time.

sábado, agosto 05, 2006

A dragon in Trujillo

Chinese colony, peruvian heart
Young boys take a dragon celebrating Independence of Perú. My country is an interesting mix of races. Here you can find so different and so similar people. Perú has different nation backgrounds, but all of them have a peruvian heart.

viernes, agosto 04, 2006

The curtains of the Sun

Grey Sunset


Trujillo is in the coast and has a lot of beaches. But what I like of them is something not very usual. I enjoy sunsets without sun, when it decides to hide behind the fog and soft shadows. Our winter is generous, and the absence of sun too. So ironic, so magic. You have to visit Huanchaco so you can see this sunset.

The Ganoza House

Classical Downtown

The House Ganoza belonged to the family of the same last name. This place maintains great part of the original furniture and walls. As you walk through the rooms, you will notice the smell of old wood. This house should be open to people and tourists, but it only happens usually.

miércoles, agosto 02, 2006

Self Portrait in House of Emancipation

It´s me
I just found out about self portrait 'cause I saw it in several daily city blogs. This is an image with a paint of the XVIII century. This place is scenary of several cultural and artistic activities. I hope some day I can expose my pics here for the people of my City.

martes, agosto 01, 2006

Peruvian Newspapers

Color and Information

I like good information, but I don´t like sensationalism. This image is a truly expression of peruvian culture. This woman works so hard selling newspapers, snacks and soda. It´s probable she has several children and helps his husband to maintain the family economy. Above her, you can find posters about music shows in marginal zones of Trujillo.