miércoles, agosto 23, 2006

On the road

Stones and cars


This is one of the few roads of stone that you can find in my city. What is really funny is that this road lasts a lot of years more than modern roads. The new things are nicer but not better, aren't they? Also you can view a street of downtown and typical yellow taxis.

Soundtrack: "We belong together" - Mariah Carey

8 comentarios:

Kate dijo...

Cobblestones always give a feeling of antiquity. Nice shot!

Marie McC dijo...

Another good thing: because the stones are uneven, it forces drivers to slow down! Nice street scene.

Kim dijo...

Nice shot of this street scene. These at least seem to have flat rather than rounded edges like cobblestone. . .bumpity bump.

Run Around Paris dijo...

Ah, there's nothing like stone roads and sidewalks - this is great.

Run Around Paris dijo...
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Mauricio dijo...

Diga amigo!

Lindos trabajos como siempre.

Como marchan las cosas?

Por lo visto siempre con buenas fotos.

Cristina dijo...

I agree, new things are more convenient, but not necessarily better. Love the splash of yellow.

Neorelix dijo...

Original streets have alot more character and depth. As with so much these days, new street surfaces are convenient but wear out rapidly. Cool perspective.