lunes, agosto 28, 2006

Maju Mantilla

Most beautiful woman of the world

She is María Julia (Maju) Mantilla, Miss World 2004, I don't believe much in this kind of contests , but it was incredible to know that "the most beautiful woman of the world" is from my city. She studied in the same university than me and I remember that I used to walk near her classroom and she was pretty, but now she has more glamour. María Julia is a kind and lovely woman, her fame never changed. I took this pic in a fashion parade for the web I worked in that time.

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Richard dijo...

While she is very pretty, I find it continues to perpetuate a horrible myth in Peru that only "white" people are beautiful.

There are many beautiful women in Peru and most of them do not look remotely like Maju Mantilla.

I remember a girl across the street from where I stayed in Lima who sold chickens that I thought was very pretty. Sadly, because she has more of the native look she will never be considered beauitful.

Edulabbe dijo...

Que bueno que el título de Miss Mundo se haya quedado en Sudamérica.
Debe ser extraño que una mujer que veías en la Universidad sea Miss Mundo!!
Saludos de Chile

Run Around Paris dijo...

She certainly is gorgeous.

Kate dijo...

The red dress on her body is smashing. I appreciate what richard has said, also.

FritzMunchner dijo...

Beauty has nothing to do with skin colour. Beauty is exactly like art, it comes in many colours, sizes, profiles, etc… .
Some like it, others don't. Imagine if everybody liked the same things or characteristics.

Cristina dijo...

It's nice to know that the fame never went to her head, but I also agree with Richard--she just doesn't have a very Peruvian look to me.

heber dijo...

Que hermosa

Es Maju Mantilla, es trujillana, es peruana como yo. un gran orgullo

is the best of the world

Anónimo dijo...

maju is really pretty but i think Richard is right! i agree with hem! and Richard and let me tell you the things in peru work like this! if you're not white you're not beautiful, if you're not thing like a niddle you're ugly, and if you're not with light hair and light eyes you're nothing!and i agree with you richard in peru if you're not white they dont look at you!

doherty dijo...

though i have a stronger attraction to blondes it's all subjective . . .

Kike dijo...

Richard and Cristina:
Are you two empty heads?...what are we talking about? racism or about Maruja?
Why dont you stay on the topic, I guess in the USA we dont have racism? right? hahaha, bunch of hypocrites.
What's a Peruvian look? Cristina? what kind of ignorants are you guys? What a Peruvian is suppose to look like? we are as diverse as the US population Cristina or you think we all Americans are white? and how many times we have a Native American Miss USA?? hellooo? both of you need some learning to do.
Eat your heart out both of you and NO she is not WHITE she Peruvian bro!!

Chuso dijo...

La chica es muy wapa, felicidades a los del blog por ponerla en su web.
Por cierto, en mi blog tengo otra gran belleza, esta creo que es brasilera, échenle un vistazo, tal vez les guste.
Abrazos desde Canarias, Spain

chuso dijo...

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Princesa dijo...


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