miércoles, agosto 30, 2006

A french gift

Statue of Liberty


In the times of independence of Perú from the spanish dominion my city received a gift. France sent this statue of liberty. This gift has about two centuries and a strange kind of fungus attacked it, you can see a lot of small holes on the surface. Some artists said that this piece of art must be taken off, and put a big fountain of water, or any other live kind of art.

Soundtrack: "Easy lover" - Phil Collins

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Marie McC dijo...

It would be a shame to destroy this. Better to spend the money restoring it.

Richard dijo...

It looks like damage from acid rain (although a check of Trujillo's climate does not show much rain). My second guess would be erosion from blowing sand (but, again, I have no knowledge of Trujillo's climate).

Amazing how something so seemingly solid can be worn away.

GiuCe dijo...



Cristina dijo...

This is so interesting. I wonder how many Statues of Liberties France has sent around the world.

Cristina dijo...

Hey Valery, did you click on the "here" link on my "What's this" post?? The answer's there!

Ovelikios dijo...

Just restore it. After all, the statue is about liberty and independence. What a simple fountain is about anyway?