viernes, agosto 04, 2006

The curtains of the Sun

Grey Sunset


Trujillo is in the coast and has a lot of beaches. But what I like of them is something not very usual. I enjoy sunsets without sun, when it decides to hide behind the fog and soft shadows. Our winter is generous, and the absence of sun too. So ironic, so magic. You have to visit Huanchaco so you can see this sunset.

6 comentarios:

Stacey dijo...

Hello from Stacey in Indiana, USA!

Kate dijo...

The sea looks calm and serene. You captured it well and it's beautiful!!

Louise dijo...

Hi there,
I posted the sunrise today over the harbour, not quite the Pacific, a few km away. Similar greys to this. I love this shot.

edwin s dijo...

wonderful shot!

Natalie dijo...

Beautiful shot!

I lived with some peruanos for a few months when I was studying in Spain. They made me want to see Peru, but I have yet to go there.

Meg Nakagawa dijo...

Oh, beautiful.