martes, agosto 29, 2006


A Classical Night

In the rooms of this big house are hidden a lot of secrets. Do you know César Vallejo? Here is a room dedicated to him. His books were translated to several languages. Vallejo was a sad man, but with a huge hope under his skin. He died in Paris, next to his wife and his poverty but far from his family.
Soundtrack: "You are beautiful" - James Blunt

5 comentarios:

Lisi dijo...

that's a beautiful room!

Louz dijo...

Excellant photos and your comentaries, some of them read like poetry from the heart.

Run Around Paris dijo...

Lovely room, and a great photo to post.

If you have a chance, you'll have to participate in my new contest - it wouldn't be the same without my favorite Peruvian!

Richard dijo...

Aren't the lives of authors always tragic?

A very elegant room - one my wife would love to have.

Cristina dijo...

Wow, very elegant, but what house is this in?