domingo, agosto 27, 2006

In a shadow

Winter with sun

Because in Trujillo you can fin sun every day of the year. You can find peace in the beaches. My favourite beach, Huanchaco, has terrific colours in sunset. I am in Lima now, but I had some pice in my web. I am not a professional photographer, not yet. Thanx for your comments, you make me try to catch good images and share with you.

Soundtrack: "Nube Gris" - Cholo Soy, Peruvian Waltz Chillout

3 comentarios:

Bishwanath Ghosh dijo...

Very lovely pictures and a very very nice blog! Have you taken pictures of Pablo Neruda's house?

Cristina dijo...

Tan tranquilo. Y tus palabras y fotos me inspiran ser una persona mejor.

Anónimo dijo...

Serence and gentle sky!