sábado, agosto 19, 2006

From the Andes to the city

Andean Dance


Some students dance andean dances, they represent the thousands of countrymen and women. This shot was done o the independence day parade, some of their dances are sad and others are joyful. Each dance has a story and you get surprised when you know why they dance in that way, or why they use those clothes, or what they want to express with their dances.

Soundtrack: "Andean Divinities - Apuyaya" - Miki Gonzalez : Album Inkaterra

2 comentarios:

Cristina dijo...

You capture the energy and lightheartedness of the parade so well.

Lisi dijo...

agree with Cristina, a really energetic photo and the guy looking at the camera looks a bit like Elijah Wood