martes, septiembre 05, 2006

Avoiding the chaos

Time to stop


It's winter, cars are too noisy and people is really hurry, but if you try to stop a moment and see those details that are in front of us, you will find pieces of history. This street is called Jirón Bolívar and a river of yellow taxis always run by. Trujillo has almost all the commercial places in downtown... and the stress too.

Soundtrack: "Come close to me" - Common and Mary J. Blige

8 comentarios:

GiuCe dijo...

entre el ruido de las calles
y la prisa
siempre esos detalles
hacen la diferencia...
nuestro TRujillo tiene lo suyo.

saludines amis... :D

Cristina dijo...

Too true! And sometimes such a difficult decision to take a break. I haven't studied yet today, and the tension in my neck now is barely noticeable.

Kate dijo...

Do you have an explanation for the brown object? I'm curious. It's really quite beautiful.

Lisi dijo...

me too, what is that wooden structure? it's beautiful

Antigona dijo...

Someday I will make it to Trujillo, noisy or not... this I promise you.

Run Around Paris dijo...

It certainly does look like a city on the move!

Irredento Urbanita dijo...

Hey lisi:

that wooden structure is a balcony, it is in the corner, next to a lamp, this scene is common in Trujillo.


kostas dijo...

We must have our eyes OPEN!