viernes, septiembre 08, 2006

Trujillo Daily Photo in the Newspaper

The Article


Trujillo Daily Photo was recommended in two news papers: El Comercio and La Industria, and in a web . El Comercio is the most important newspaper of Perú and La Industria the main nespaper of my city. I've tried to spread Trujillo DP and the community of course, and some media have published my blog. I hope they continue doing it because our community of cities daily photo is a fresh and interesting experience. In the photo is the article referred to blogs and the recommendation of La Industria last wednesday 6 Sept.

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A Slice of Life dijo...

That's so cool! Both the creative shot and the fact that you are in the papers.

I really like our little community. It's facinating to see how others view their own little place in the world.

Cristina dijo...

Oh, congratulations! That's so exciting!

Lisi dijo...

wow, congratulations, those are definitely good "news" ;p

rudygiron dijo...

¡Felicitaciones! mi sitio también ha salido en un diarios de Guatemala.

Irredento, por qué no habilitas que otras personas que no están en blogger puedan comentar. Creo te estás perdiendo de la posibilidad de más comentarios de gente que no tiene una cuenta con blogger.

Saludos desde La Antigua Guatemala y sigue adelante con las fotos de Trujillo.

GiuCe dijo...

buena amis...!
ya eres famoso...sigue adelante
y que sigan conociendo ese Trujillo que no sale en las revistas de turismo ni historia!!!!


Edulabbe dijo...

¡Felicitaciones! Que bueno que estas inciativas sean reconocidas. Además, un poquito de fama no le hace mal a nadie, jajaja...
Saludos desde Chile

Kate dijo...

We have a great blogger community, don't we? Lots of success for you, I hope in spreading blogger photos. Incidentally, I just enrolled in a Spanish class and will be learning your language--i hope altho it's been difficult for me in the past; I'm not a linguist!! Carry on!

Run Around Paris dijo...

GOOD FOR YOU - how awesome! We've always known your blog is incredible, and now you're receiving some well-deserved recognition!

Anónimo dijo...

Congratulations Mate!
I am very happy to know that you have received such a good coverage from the papers, another reason for keep doing it. Anyway is just a recognition to your perseverance and talent.
So Irredento: Keep Blogging Mate!

Sincerely yours
(Sorry I couldn't log with my account, I just moved to Blogger Beta and so far is a pain in the butt!)

Richard dijo...

How cool to get mentioned in two newspapers - especially El Commercio!

Sorry, but I never heard La Industria.

Anónimo dijo...


I found your blog while surfing the Internet and visit here quite often since then.
I love taking photos but here in Trujillo it seems that it's not easy for me to do it. Everybody tells me it's not safe to carry my camera all the time especially because I'm a foreigner. What do you think?

- Oli

Meg Nakagawa dijo...

Congratulations, well done!

Irredento Urbanita dijo...

For Oli:

Thanx for your comments. Yeah it's right that in some places you have to be careful when you use your camera, but if all Trujillo were dangerous, I wouldn't have opened this blog and uploaded my shots. In downtown you can get great pics, try to go with some friend and mainly in the day. Where are you from Oli?

Greetings from Perú

Ben dijo...


Eric dijo...

¡Felicitaciones! I am a little late in congratulating you but better late than never. Bravo.

It's well deserved actually, your photos are really great (and I mean it)