sábado, febrero 24, 2007

In the order

Just behind


Some lamps were shy and tried to hide of the shot. I like Moche, Nature also likes Moche and stay there, you can find there field and beach so near.
Soundtrack: "Confession Part I" - Usher
Algunas lámparas eran tímidas y trataron de esconderse de la foto. Me gusta Moche, a la Naturaleza también le gusta Moche y se queda allí, allí puedes hallar el campo y la playa muy cerca.

5 comentarios:

Dinorider d'Andoandor dijo...

campo y playa

en la primavera eterna

photowannabe dijo...

Nice perspective of the lamps and I wish we could see the beach beyond. Good composition.

Zsolt72 dijo...

or maybe they even enjoyed to pose for you:)

Olivier dijo...

belle perspective, belle photo.
Les ampoules ressemblent à des ampoules economiques.

beautiful prospect, beautiful photo. The bulbs resemble economic bulbs.

Pat dijo...

Yes, lovely perspective.

Maybe you'll show us the beach too?

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