martes, marzo 06, 2007

City and Nature



Sometimes black and white give you a better view than colour. Moche Town
Soundtrack: "You give me something" - James Morrison
Algunas veces el blanco y el negro te dan una mejor vista que el color. Campiña de Moche.

4 comentarios:

Olivier dijo...

le b&w donne plus de caractere à une photo. c'est une riviere ? ou une inondation ?

the b&w gives more character to a photograph. it is a river? or a flood?

photowannabe dijo...

Black and white is a good choice. Nice composition.

Anónimo dijo...

It`s neither, depends where the "acequia" goes, if go trough a village then people dump all kind of waste there (and I mean ALL KIND) then if later the same "acequia" pass by produce fields then its used as part of the irrigation system; and we all know how bad can be.
PD. por que escribes en ingles?

Anónimo dijo...

The photograph is good. It is too bad the water in the stream is not used properly.