domingo, marzo 18, 2007

Border line


I learnt that we have several kinds of lights, some lights help us to see the way. But some lights are so strong that they blind us. Main square of Trujillo.
Soundtrack: "In my place" - Nelly
Aprendí que tenemos varios tipos de luces, algunas luces nos ayudan a ver el camino. Pero algunas luces son tan fuertes que nos ciegan. Plaza de Armas de Trujillo.

4 comentarios:

Girasol dijo...

I've been there so many times that I can't remember.
I miss that place a lot!

Ovelikios dijo...

I never see to take a good night shot. Till then,the sun is my best friend.

Greetings from Athens!

photowannabe dijo...

Even though those lights are blinding they make a nice golden glow for that shot. I like the reflectios on the wet street.

Olivier dijo...

tres belle photo et superbe fontaine

very beautiful photograph and superb fountain