viernes, diciembre 28, 2007

The Fisherman

Basic fishing methodes

This fisher man prefers to use nylon and a simple technique to fish in Las Delicias Beach. The fishing rod was a lonely guest.
Soundtrack: "All good things come to an end" - Nelly Furtado
Este pescador prefiere usar nylon y una simple técnica para pescar en la playa Las Delicias. La caña de pescar era una invitada solitaria.

5 comentarios:

Rambling Round dijo...

This is a picture that really says a lot! Very nice.

photowannabe dijo...

Really nice composition and I like the black and white. You have told a whole story in one shot.

劉家隆 Tocache dijo...

Jelou!, dis is a naiz pikchur!

Hola, ya linkié tu blog al mio!

Saludos a la distancia, feliz año nuevo.

Jazzy dijo...

Happy New Year Irredento, all the best!

American Fork Daily Photo dijo...

This is a great photo. My husband saw men fishing like this in Chile and tried to get us to do it here in Utah... it was HARD!! We ended up eating hot dogs for dinner. :)