viernes, julio 21, 2006

The Burning House

It´s 5:30 a.m. and the streets are still waking up. When I saw this, it seemed to me that the tree was burning, I liked the effect caused by the lights on the roof of this yellow house. In this half of the planet we have a winter time but it´s not so cold. Temperatures vary between 12º C and 18º C . National Holidays are on July 28... a week of vacations.

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Lisi dijo...

Hi greetings from HK and welcome to the DP family. I have a friend in Vancouver who's from Peru, his name is Guillermo and I'll let him know about ur blog ;-)

Ovelikios dijo...

Wow! What a great city! Just now I learned how historic and how important your city is. World Heritage Site, my my...

Is that house in the historic part of the city? Please post photos of Casa Pinillos and similar sights. Thank you.

Kate dijo...

Another good shot with a clear explanation.

heidi dijo...

Hi. What's cool here is that the tree looks like it's hiding the house/protecting it. The road, while I always shy away from including it in building shots, actually frames the building in nicely-I can't decide if it's the color contrast or the lines painted on the road-probably both.


Anónimo dijo...

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