jueves, julio 13, 2006

Trujillo, the City of Spring

Huanchaco Beach

These long boats are called caballos de totora (horses of totora), they were used by the habitants of chimu culture to fish and navigate the pacific ocean. Today, they are still used by fishermen of Huanchaco and some tourists like to sail on these sea horses. Huanchaco is the most beautiful beach of Trujillo. Trujillo is known as "the city of spring" because it has a wonderful weather all year long... a 365-day-spring.

4 comentarios:

rudygiron dijo...

Trujillo, bienvenido seas a la familia de ciudades con una foto diaria. Desde ya te deseo suerte y te advierto que pasaré por aquí seguido.

Kim dijo...

I think I would love to live somewhere where it is spring all year! These boats put me in mind of Tor Hierdahl's experimental crossing is a boat made like these. the ancients got around more than we realize, I think.

Ovelikios dijo...

Hello from Athens, Greece. I didn't know nothing of your city, I am happy to discover it with your blog. It must be perfect to have spring all year. Thanks for the great photos.

Kala dijo...

very interesting - I thought these were props for Mad Max the movie with Mel Gibson!