lunes, abril 09, 2007

Chimú Gold

The workroom

This is the way how habitants of Chimu culture worked with gold and some metals. You can find this representation in the Museum of Chan Chan.
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Ésta es la forma como los habitantes de la cultura Chimú trabajaron con oro y otros metales. Puedes encontrar esta representación en el Museo de Chan Chan.

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Curly dijo...

Looks like hard work to get the temperature up!

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J. Andrew Lockhart dijo...

very interesting!

Olivier dijo...

tres bon post et tres belles statues de cires

very good post and very beautiful statues of waxes

Kate dijo...

Museum simulations are helpful to understand the past. Thanks for posting this one.

Olive dijo...

I thought these were real people!!
Great photo, and great wax figures.

Jing dijo...

nice waxwork...i thought they were real men at the first glance.

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