miércoles, mayo 30, 2007

The pastoral of the University

Catholic religion in the campus

In my university there was an office for the pastoral of catholic church, and what about a space for the other religions? The thing (or the problem) is that official religion (?) of Perú is catholic.
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En mi universidad hubo una oficina para la pastoral de la iglesia católica, y que hay sobre espacios para otras religiones? La cosa (o el problema) es que la religión oficial (?) de Perú es la católica.

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Anónimo dijo...

I guess then the country is intolerant of other religions.

Easy to understand explanation.

Strangetastes dijo...

The question mark and the pastoral sign tells us what you are thinking. I have never visited Peru, although I want to very much. Your country is a democracy and I am sure there is freedom of religion but is Catholicism the official state church? The only South American country where I have spent time is Argentina, where the government is secular.


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photowannabe dijo...

At least there is a religous presence at the University. Some places won't tolerate that.

GE dijo...

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Olivier dijo...

cela n'est pas surprenant, meme en France, on propose une etude de la religion catholique, mais pas des autres religions. Un dossier tres chaud en France

that is not surprising, same in France, one proposes a study of the catholic religion, but not of the other religions. A very hot file in France

Jano dijo...

Eres la única que captó lo de los dinosaurios jajaja.

Cris dijo...

Siempre paso por alli, esque esta en la entrada casi, pero la verdad, siempre de lejitos.