lunes, mayo 14, 2007

If we could turn time back?

Home work

Those days, they -so weetly- dedicated this life to homework and support the home while their husbands go to fish. Once upon a time a Chimú scene...
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Aquellos días, ellas -muy dulcemente- dedicaron su vida a trabajar y mantener la casa mientras sus esposos iban a pescar. Érase una vez una escena Chimú.

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Anónimo dijo...

I like your photograph of a time and place and a people who no longer walk the earth. It is sad to me, at least, that so many people have just disappeared. Their race maybe died out or they blended-in with others and are not easy to distinguish.

Think of the knowledge these people had. From the medicines in plants to the native materials suitable to use for huts and homes. How to dig out a canoe. Just looking for protein-rich grubs in trees -- a kind of snack for the children. It was an amazing life -- a hard life but they didn't know any different way.

Your photo brings back lots of memories of those times and those people who came before you.

Thank you too for your visits to my blog and for the comments left there for me to read. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Abraham Lincoln

Olivier dijo...

c'est toujours dans le "Museum of chan Chan"? une belle scene. c'est un beau musée

it is always in the “Museum of chan Chan” ? a beautiful scene. it is a beautiful museum

Kuanyin dijo...

Beautiful photo and sentiment!

photowannabe dijo...

Such a nice view of the museum scene. It was a simpiler time but harder too. Good shot.

Martel dijo...

Hello, I present my blog photographs to you on a small city : Martel. in the Quercy (the black perigord in France), the area of the foie gras and the omelette to boletus.

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SCS dijo...

Continuo a gostar muito de cá vir espreitar.

Transporto-me sempre a outro universo.

Espero que esteja tudo bem contigo e que Barcelona cumpra todas as promessas.

Continuação de boa noite,
Vira Vento.