domingo, julio 01, 2007

Jesus loves you?

God and me

Jesus loves us, that's what I think, I don't believe in religions but I believe in him. The driver of this combi feel the same about Jesus.
Soundtrack: "Rehab" - Amy Winehouse
Jesús nos ama, eso es lo que pienso, yo no creo en religiones pero creo en él. El chofer de esta combi siente lo mismo sobre Jesús.

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Anónimo dijo...

Interesting post. I like your thesis.

Abraham Lincoln
—Me as Moses—

Olivier dijo...
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Olivier dijo...

bon post, mais vu l'état de l'arrière de sa voiture ;o)

good post, but considering the back of its car ;o)

simon kutcher dijo...

Jesus loves you below a "fear" sticker. I assume there is no relation between the two?

Bill dijo...

I agree completely, but tend not to put stickers on my car since I mess up rather often :)

I think you will like the post I just put up a couple of minutes ago.

photowannabe dijo...

I'm glad you do.

YIMI dijo...


Gonzalo Del Rosario dijo...

Jesús, sí, lo comprendí más después de leer "El evangelio según Jesucristo" de José Saramago.