martes, mayo 06, 2008

Isa Rodríguez

The Search

Girls have a different way to see the love and they look the sex with other eyes. Isa Rodriguez is a girl, an artist, a soul... as you can see in her painting.
Soundtrack: "Violet Hill" - Coldplay
Las chicas tienen una manera diferente de ver el amor y miran el sexo con otros ojos. Isa Rodríguez es una chica, una artista, un espíritu... como pueden ver en su pintura.

3 comentarios:

Mo dijo...

I love this painting.

Sailor Girl dijo...

This is AWSOME!!! Reminds me of Klimt!

photowannabe dijo...

Very different. I keep coming back to it and it has grown on me. I like the colors and her winsome look.