jueves, junio 12, 2008

Coming soon

La Casa del Pueblo?


This big building belongs to the government party called APRA. By the way, I don't believe in any politicians, I am nearer to anarchy. Next week I'll have good news for the visitors of this blog.

Soundtrack: "Ves" - Sin Bandera

Esta casona pertenece al partido de gobierno, el APRA. Por cierto, yo no creo en ningún político, estoy más cerca a la anarquía. La próxima semana tengo buenas noticias para los visitantes de este blog.

2 comentarios:

photowannabe dijo...

Looking forward to seeing what your good news will be.
I'm not crazy about politicians either.

Dan dijo...

Does that mean the house of the people?

I have more of a problem with voters than with politicians. Politicians are genetically predisposed to lie, cheat and steal and as long as voters are not willing to hold them accountable they will go right on lieing, stealing and cheating. I say that if you don't like what they are doing than go to the polls and throw the bums out.