lunes, octubre 30, 2006

In the dance

Black smiles

Black dances are some of the favorite of peruvian people. This dance has too much movement and girls really show magic smiles during the songs.
Soundtrack: "The hardest day" - Coldplay
Las danzas negras son algunas de las favoritas del público peruano. Este baile tiene mucho movimiento y las chicas muestran realmente sonrisas mágicas durante las canciones.

4 comentarios:

Marie McC dijo...

Wonderful photo! Why are they called black dances?

Anónimo dijo...

tres belle photo. elles ont de superbes costume. même question que marie ?

very beautiful photograph. they have superb costume. even question that Marie ?

Ham dijo...

Great shot - real dancing. I have to ask, do you know if the pan-pipes musicians you see all round the world are Peruvian? (my post for 29th October)

Anónimo dijo...

you're right, they have lovely smile. I like your account of the event :)