miércoles, octubre 04, 2006

Near home

In the corner

Today I wanna show you some textures (floor, walls and road). You also can note some shadows, in the far death of sunset, the sky and the car lights are born in the early night. I will travel very soon to Europe, so you will have news from my blog.

Soundtrack: The noise of cars in a cyber cafe.

Hoy quiero mostrarles algunas texturas (piso, paredes y la pista). Además pueden notar algunas sombras, en la lejana muerte del ocaso, el cielo y las luces de los autos que nacen en la noche temprana.

6 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Toujours avec une superbe ambiance de nuit. On se croirait dans un policier

photo-effe dijo...

every day a nice photo

good work

Anónimo dijo...

its nice to see the lights at the end..wonderful!

Richard dijo...

That is a lovely phot. Nightiome shots can be very spectacular, but they are also notoriously difficult to take.

Either you have a very good camera, or are a very skilled photogtapher, or both.

Kate dijo...

Where have you been keeping yourself? We miss you!!

twistedzero dijo...

i'm a big fan of night shots, and this one is great!

- Raymond from Singapore