lunes, octubre 02, 2006

On fire

The mall

Today I woke up with a little sadness. So I decided to upload something subjective, so you can give your own interpretation. You can see what it is, but I tried to give a personal touch.

Soundtrack: "Your loving arms" - Billie Ray Martin

3 comentarios:

photo-effe dijo...

the interpretation for me is impossible

Anónimo dijo...

il y avait dans une revue de photo, un tres bon article sur le droit au Flou d'exister. Ta photo en est le parfaite exemple.
Interpretation personnel : un gros coup de deprime, on pleure et la rue prend de nouvelles formes

Richard dijo...

I would call it "Blur" (not very imaginative).

It conveys several impressions at once: hectic pace, overwhelmed senses, being blinded.