jueves, noviembre 09, 2006

Behind all was green


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In the times of the conquest, it was a big wall that protected Trujillo from the pirates (totally different than the wall of Bush). Lima also had a wall but that city was never attacked. Now, as you can see, the wall was partly replaced by a park, but what is wrong with this park is that people can't get in. It's always closed, exactly the same as the brain of politic authorities of my city.
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En los tiempos de la conquista, ésto era una enorme muralla que protegía Trujillo de los piratas (totalmente diferente de la muralla de Bush). Lima también tenía una muralla pero esa ciudad nunca fue atacada. Ahora, como pueden ver, la muralla fue reemplazada parcialmente por un parque, pero lo que está mal con este parque es que la gente no puede ingresar en él. Siempre está cerrado, exactamente igual que el cerebro de las autoridades de mi ciudad.

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Anónimo dijo...

ce parc a l'air magnifique, c'est vraiment bete que la ville le laisse fermer. c'est incompréhensible. j'espere que la ville va changer d'idee et l'ouvrir. pour le mur de Bush, on peut esperer qu'apres sa defaite, cette idee va disparaître

this park has the splendid air, it is really stupid which the city lets it close. it is incomprehensible. I hope that the city will change idea and to open it.
for the wall of Bush, one can hope that after its defeat, this idea will disappear

jazzy dijo...

it looks like a great park it's a shame people can't use it, but i like the gate though =)

Mountainboy dijo...

Is that a Prussian Eagle on the gate or is it a Phoenix? Or maybe something completely different?

Anónimo dijo...

Hmmm, so weird to have it closed. what a pity!

Matthieu dijo...

If you cannot get in the park, as a public citizen, who can ? What is the use of the background building ?

Annie dijo...

I think your sentiments about Bush's wall are shared by many here in the United States too.

Silly, isn't it, to have a locked gate on a public place.

Anónimo dijo...

Stupid, as you said. Is there an official reason for that? If it's public then why no access?