miércoles, noviembre 15, 2006

Is any endless thing?

What about love?


What things of the life are endless? Love is endless? the sun is endless? the sea is endless? Our spirits are endless? I took this photo in Huanchaco Beach of my city, and I felt happy when I saw it.
Soundtrack: "La muralla verde" - Enanitos verdes
Qué cosas de la vida son eternas? El amor es eterno? el sol es eterno? el mar es eterno? nuestros espíritus son eternos? Tomé esta foto en la playa de Huanchaco de mi ciudad, y me sentí feliz cuando la vi.

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edwin s dijo...

Love IS endless. And this shot is timeless.

piika dijo...

it's a beautiful photo....thank you for sharing it.

Anónimo dijo...

"On ira où tu voudras, quand tu voudras
Et on s'aimera encore, lorsque l'amour sera mort
Toute la vie sera pareille à ce matin
Aux couleurs de l'été indien"
Joe Dassin.

Superbe photo, garde là pour la st valentin.

“One will go where you will want, when you want
And one still likes, when the love dies
All the life will be similar at this morning
With the colors of the Indian summer "
Joe Dassin.
Superb photograph, keep there for St Valentine.

Curly dijo...

Beautiful photo, but as a suggestion, have you tried cropping some off the top and some off the bottom to make it landscape rather than portrait. I think you see a big improvement.

Curly's Photoshop

John - Melbourne dijo...

Now there's a postacrd.. or perhaps for a special friend?!

Meg Nakagawa dijo...

Great photo. Now I hate to be the anti-romantic, but dirt is endless; cleaning is endless; worries are endless.... sometimes I think the rain is endless.....

tr3nta dijo...

this is where i'd like to be...

Ham dijo...

Just the type of picture you want to walk into....