lunes, noviembre 20, 2006

Men working

High Speed
I was in the taxi in the way to the airport when I saw this sign. It says: "Men working". And I remembered when a spanish friend told me that is warning signal was sexist. Perhaps that's right, south american countries have that problem.
Soundtrack: "No te avisa" - Gianmarco
Estaba en el taxi camino al aeropuerto cuando vi este aviso. Dice: "Hombres trabajando". Y recordé cuando un amigo me dijo que esa señal es sexista. Quizás es cierto, los países sudamericanos tenemos ese problema.

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Anónimo dijo...

effet superbe. j'adore ces photos en mouvements.

superb effect. I adore these photographs moving.

GiuCe dijo...

buen efecto en rojos... `

hmmm, serìa raro encontrar en las calles un letrero q diga "mujeres trabajando"... peor si lo encuentran en las noches. pLoP!

photo-effe dijo...

ho visto le tue ultime immagini, stupende

Annie dijo...

Isn't it fun to take photos while driving?! Sometimes the most wonderful colors and light are produced. This is an example of such a colorful photo.

Run Around Paris dijo...

I've never thought of signs such as "Men Working" or "Men At Work" being sexist before. Interesting. Cool photo - looks like you guys were going about 90 miles an hour - lol! ;)

Anónimo dijo...

muy bien....