sábado, noviembre 11, 2006

Picasso and Vallejo

Absent Vallejo, Absent Picasso


The case is easy. The owner of the University César Vallejo used the pattern that Picasso drew of the face of the famous peruvian poet César Vallejo face in 1938 as the logo of his university. Marina Picasso, granddaughter of Pablo Picasso, knew about it and denounced the "ilegal" use of the pattern made by his grandfather. The university finally had to take the logo off and in the campus you can see those black points (big tails, I suposse) where the big pattern was. Now the owner of the university is candidate for major of Trujillo.
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El caso es fácil. El dueño de la Universidad César Vallejo usó el boceto que Picasso dibujó del rostro del famoso poeta peruano César Vallejo en 1938 como logo de su universidad. Marina Picasso, nieta de Pablo Picasso, supo de ésto y denunció el uso "ilegal" del dibujo hehco por su abuelo. La universidad finalmente tuvo que retirar el logo y en el campus pueden ver esos puntos negros (supongo que son clavos muy grandes) donde estaba el gran dibujo. Ahora el dueño de la universidad es candidato a la alcaldía de Trujillo.

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Kate dijo...

What a shame! It would make a beautiful logo and another tribute to Picasso!

Anónimo dijo...

tres beau dessin de picasso et merci je ne connaissais pas Vallejo.

very beautiful drawing of picasso and thank you I did not know Vallejo.

Run Around Paris dijo...

Just wanted to say 'Hello', my friend. Hope all is well with you - take good care!

Meg Nakagawa dijo...

Uggh, copyrights. Sometimes I think it's best to just let them have it. The building would have looked beautiful.

Francisco Evelio dijo...

What a pitty! Picassso's design is a tribute to Vallejo's poetry who felt in his very own flesh the spanish civil war that Picasso paint it in "Guernica".
Did you know that Picasso never met to Vallejo when he was living in Spain? biographers says that Picasso was surprised for Vallejo's poetry book "España aparta de mi este cáliz" and asked "who's that man who wrote with such feeling 'bout this terriffic war?". Somebody told him about Vallejo, so he wanted to know him in person, but he was told that Vallejo was dead. Some photographs of Vallejo's face as a corpse were shown to Picasso and he made his famous sketches based on those pictures.
I think that Vallejo's picture made by Picasso is not a property of Picasso's relatives only. It belongs to all of us, 'cause it's a universal man, and of course, mainly to peruvians, to Trujillo city in which university studied and people from Santiago de Chuco where he was born and to Huamachuco where he studied his high school in "San Nicolás" school.