viernes, septiembre 21, 2007

The door

Take the hammers

Take the hammers and push the door in the strange entrance of a misterious house.
Soundtrack: "Ojalá pudiera borrarte" - Maná
Coge los martillos y empuja la puerta en la extraña entrada de una casa misteriosa.

5 comentarios:

Zsolt dijo...

these hammers are cute on the door:) funny

photowannabe dijo...

Very interesting..I wonder what's on the other side of the doors.

kheoh yee wei dijo...

haha...well spotted ! So creative there were to do that :D

Hyde DP dijo...

I've never seen hammers on doors like this before - love it.

Ann (MobayDP) dijo...

lol :) Who would have ever thought of using hammers as door "knobs"!