martes, octubre 02, 2007

Married or single?

The church is waiting

If I get married I don't want a luxurious ceremony, I don't want a priest in front of me, I don't want an expensive dinner. But sometimes you can't go against traditions. Limousine arriving to church with the bride.
Soundtrack: "Who wants to live forever" -Queen
Si me caso no quiero una ceremonia lujosa, no quiero un sacerdote frente a mi, no quiero una cena cara. Pero a veces no puedes ir contra las tradiciones. Limosina llegando a la iglesia con la novia.

4 comentarios:

Kate dijo...

When you get married, we'll all celebrate! Nothing wrong with a little ceremony now and then!! I particularly like the light coming from the windows. Have a good week!!

photowannabe dijo...

Nice shot of the church and the juxiposition of the old church front and the modern limo. Marriage isn't about the building its about commitment to one another. When you get married we'll all celebrate with you.

Zsolt dijo...

I also do not want a limusine and a fancy ceremony:)

Juan dijo...

No me gusta esta foto, está "chorreada", desenfocada y "desencuadrada". Claro, es sólo una opinión.