viernes, noviembre 02, 2007

What will they do?

In the convent


In the monastery Santa Clara, a lot of women dedicate their life to God. They don't go out from this convent for any reason. I always wonder if God would prefer they love him by helping the people outside the monastery. Life is outside right?
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En el monasterio Santa Clara, muchas mujeres dedican su vida a Dios. Ellas no salen del convento por ninguna razón. Siempre me pregunto si Dios preferiría que lo amen a través de la ayuda a la gente fuera del monasterio. La vida está afuera cierto?

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HoodPhotography dijo...

very pretty. I like your use of sepia to give it an old antique look :)

photowannabe dijo...

I feel the same way. Service to mankind is a better way to go. Lovely shot of the convent.

teo mocchi dijo...

NDP celebrates its first year!

Skribblez dijo...

this is very beautiful... but it looks like the one i have a picture of that was damaged in the earthquake in pisco? This isnt the same one is it? because this photo was taken in trujillo?

Carrizo dijo...

Very nice - ¡me gusta mucho!