sábado, diciembre 09, 2006

bad mind?

Good smile?

I arrived to the simple conclussion that we can smile, we can use black suit, but sometimes we don't forget our animal instincts. Isn´t that a representation of Bush?
Soundtrack: "My sacryfice" - Creed
Llegué a la sencilla conclusión de que podemos sonreir, podemos usar traje negro, pero algunas veces no olvidamos nuestros instintos animales. No es eso una represetnación de Bush?

6 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

super ce sourire, on le sent un peu crispé ;o) tres bonne et amusante photo

super this smile, one smells it a little contracted ;O) very good and amusing photo

Annie dijo...

Ah, Bush is so unpopular, at home and all over the world. I wonder how he manages his self-esteem?

By the way, I don't see him smiling too much, though I do see him in suits most of the time.

Anónimo dijo...

Nice photo. As for GWB, nobody likes him but his rednecks.

ruth dijo...

Good one!

Ame dijo...

LOL! Well I could think of other men in suits with animal instincts...and it wouldn't involve GWB either and they would actually be attractive! Guess it's my female animal instinct talking! LOL! ;-)

Nathalie dijo...

Oh my god what a spectacular sculpture - quite impressive and a bit scary...