lunes, diciembre 11, 2006

The big pantyhose

A long leg


Once a time a girl told me that this antenna protected by a net is similar to an inverted huge leg with a pantyhose. We can see what we want!!!

Soundtrack: "Without you" - Il Divo

Una vez una chica me dijo que esta antena protegida por una red es similar a una enorme pierna invertida con una panty. Podemos ver lo que queremos!!!

5 comentarios:

Olivier dijo...

suprenant cette protection des antennes. cela pourrait etre un symbole pour la luttre contre le sida.

suprenant this protection of the antennas. that could be a symbol for the luttre against the AIDS.

Chris & Deb dijo...

curious as to how the bird got in at the top!
Interesting photo.

photowannabe dijo...

Funny, clever thought. Pantyhose is more interesting than a big net.

Keropok Man dijo...

haha! what a way to name your picture!

tpraja dijo...

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