lunes, diciembre 18, 2006

Waiting for fishes

The stone man

100_2627 (aclarada)copia
This man is part of the beach. He is hidden in the middle of the rocks, he's not looking at the born of a big new wave that impressed me.
Soundtrack: "Parience" - Take that
Este hombre es parte de la playa. Está escondido en medio de las rocas, él no está mirando el nacimiento de una nueva gran ola que me impresionó.

3 comentarios:

Olivier dijo...

il y a des gens tres patient. les pêcheurs en font partis. belle photo

there are people very patient. the fishermen make parties of them. beautiful photograph

photowannabe dijo...

I'm glad he has a rain coat on. From the appearance of the rocks he will get wet too. Fishermen and photographers are certianly looking for different things.
Have a great day.

Mandy dijo...

Marvouslly expressive photograph.