sábado, diciembre 30, 2006

Waiting for 2007

Be a child

2007 is so near and I hope we can become more like children and fight for peace. I know I have an impossible dream, but it's my dream.
Soundtrack: "Te busqué" - Juanes y Nelly Furtado
El 2007 está muy cerca y espero que seamos más como los niños y luchemos por la paz. Yo sé que tengo un sueño imposible, pero es mi sueño.

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Gerald England dijo...

What a lovely picture.
The flowers
The dog

photowannabe dijo...

There is a difference between being childish and being childlike.We all need to keep that child-like spirit alive in us.
Wishing you peace in 2007.

zannnie dijo...

i like this photo!!!!!!!!!

Olivier dijo...

superbe photo, elle est belle et tendre en meme temps, bravo

superb photograph, it is beautiful and to tend at the same time, cheer

Olivier dijo...

Bonne année, bonne santé
"Le temps passe, les années filent. Quand une nouvelle année commence, on se demande toujours si elle apportera la paix et le bonheur à chacun... Fermez les yeux et faites un voeu !"

Good year, good health
time passes, the years slip by. When a new year starts, one always wonders if it will bring peace and happiness to each one… Close the eyes and make a wish!

Lisi dijo...

nice photo...and Happy New Year to you and your family!

ruth dijo...

What a great photo. It's as wonderful as the sentiment in your post. We all need to remember what we've forgotten since before we learned how to stop being children!

Girasol dijo...

what a cute dog!!!!